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Ingredients: Black Perigord truffles (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.), water, salt
Origin: France
Manufacturer: Plantin
Packaging: Jar
Storage Type: Shelf Stable, 1 Year
Shelf Life Refrigerated: After opening 1 week
Preparation: Preserved, whole in water and salt
Brand: Plantin


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French Winter ‘Perigord’ Black Truffles Whole description:

Winter ‘Perigord’ Black Truffles – whole brushed in jar – 1.75 oz/50 gr by Plantin, France.

Ingredients: Black Perigord truffles (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.), water, salt.
After opening use within 1 week.

Preserved truffles are a nice, budget-friendly way to add visual truffle appeal to dishes. However, if you are looking to add the pungent aroma and taste of truffles to your dish, we recommend that you explore our fresh truffles. The only way to get the true truffle aroma is with fresh truffles.

Jarred or canned truffles, sold by us or any other vendor, will not, by themselves, deliver the aroma or flavour of fresh truffles. Preserved truffles out of the jar or can have almost no flavour or odour. They add a truffle appearance to your dish and they are great to use with truffle oil – the oil will add the flavour, the preserved truffles the truffle “look”, but preserved truffles should be used only to garnish a dish, or with truffle butter or truffle oil. Oils and butters are usually more aromatic than canned truffles, and can preserve the fragrance of the dish longer. They will enhance the aroma of the preserved truffle.

  • HIGHEST QUALITY EUROPEAN BLACK TRUFFLES: Fresh black truffles are selected from the peak of the season, when they are at their most flavorful. They are then minced and expertly preserved to enjoy any time of the year.
  • BURSTING WITH FLAVOR: The truffle is firm to the bite, followed by a rich & earthy Black Truffle flavor. Use straight from the jar as a luxury garnish for almost anything; we recommend trying minced truffles on scrambled eggs, pasta, or salads.


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