“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”Miuccia Prada/CEO

About the


How it all began

Mark Zaslavsky The company could not have gained its worldwide reputation without Mark Zaslavsky, a Ukrainian émigré who moved from a country with a hard regime to Miami in 1980 in pursuit of fertile ground for free enterprise.

Mark Zaslavsky has achieved success in life due to all of his hard work and says that in the beginning of his life, he worked as a dishwasher and a short-order cook before scraping together enough money to open a small deli-grocery.

The empire of delicacies’ import and export began in 1983 with the opening of a small shop that sold imported caviar and smoked salmonon 79th Street in Miami. Gradually, the assortment of the “Russian shop”, as it was then called, expanded — Russian candies and cakes, more caviar, exotic truffles, foie gras, meats and cheeses, fine wines and champagnes were added.

A successful tree grows from a strong sprout

The reason why a small shop of Miami scale grew into a world-renowned, large merchant of elite products is because of the great reputation that surrounds the firm due to properly meeting obligations to partners and customers and only supplying products in their best quality.

The supply of desired goods at reasonable prices was successful and attracted more customers, thereby expanding the range of imported goods to include seafood, tea, oil, spices and more.

A good reputation and extensive assortment of first-class products both played an important role in the 1990s when the company was able to reach a new level and begin supplying delicacies to restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores.

To large national players and major grocery stores in the Caribbean, Truffle world’s acts like a partner. The company strictly complies with any and all obligations and has a well-coordinated logistic and organizational structure.

Success in wholesale supply does not prevent the company from taking care of its direct purchasers, as was seen when new fish egg sales opened in 1999.

Why should

choose us?

Why Truffle world’s Truffles?

  • Every thing about our truffle is hand-packed in our facility to order.
  • Truffles world’s is a direct importer, producer, distributor and exporter of Truffle in the United States, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and Panama.
  • We have long term partnerships with all of our supplying Aquafarms which allows us to monitor the entire process from harvest to the product’s delivery to our customers.
  • Truffles world’s developed the first international truffle compliance program in conjunction with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and CITES. We comply with all of the CITES requirements.
  • Truffles world’s is an FDA, NOAA, NSF, USF&W and USDA inspected and approved facility.
  • Truffles world’s is a processing and repacking plant, number US-0001, which assures that every shipment of truffle is re-packed in our facility under our labels and under the supervision of our packing specialist .
  • Truffles world’s are genetically verified upon receipt to guarantee authenticity. We were the first company to require a DNA batch test for each species of truffle.
  • Truffles world’s  is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified. When each shipment is received, a sample is immediately sent to a lab for testing and inspection.
  • Truffles world’s was the first and only company in the United States to create an Educational program for truffle, designed by our truffle specialist to educate the consumer and train the trade.
  • Truffles world’s and SAF have both been featured in Time Magazine, Boston Herald, Miami Herald, Miami New Times, New York Times, Reuters and others.
  • SAF – Sturgeon Aquafarms –is currently farming the most rare and authentic Caspian sturgeon species – Beluga, Sevruga and Sterlet.
  • Truffles world’s Truffle is world renowned. We exhibit every year at numerous food shows such as SIAL, Anuga, the Fancy Food Show, the Boston Seafood Show and more.
  • Truffles world’s farmed truffle has been rated the best farmed truffle by the best chefs of the world, receiving several awards for its superior quality and consistency.
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